April 19th, 2014

Want to be a Superhero? With these gadgets you can!

Children for decades have wanted to become their favorite superhero. Many of a comic book fan’s first memories are running around with a sheet tied behind there neck for a cap or if you was luck a real costume. Well now a German creator has taken it to the next level in his pursuit to be his favorite superheroes.

Patrick Priebe, a German laser specialist, has created the closest version to date of Spider-Man’s web-shooters. Now he hasn’t come up with a formula for any super sticky web-fluid but he has come up with something pretty cool. He developed a web-shooter that uses a brass tipped harpoon and fishing line. The harpoon is guided by laser light for aiming. Now your not going to be slinging from any walls with this awesome creation but it’s a first step.

While creating web-shooters is fun his specialty is in weapons lasers and he also created a burning wrist laser which could also be handy for getting you out of a tight place or defend yourself if you where Spider-Man. Since he was working with lasers he couldn’t miss out on the opportunity of developing the one laser happy invention in comics. Priebe also developed a functional and accurate version of ¬†Scott Summer’s Cyclops glasses. No he isn’t creating the beam with his eyes like Summers he is giving off a deadly burning laser beam from the glasses.

These inventions are next level stuff and are not for your average cosplayer to add to there next convention outfit. There are some dangerous weapons that could be used by real world superheroes.

Check out the videos of these awesome inventions:

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