September 9th, 2014

Random Comics Day 9 All-Star Superman Special Edition Issue 1

While digging through the long box I figured it was time to talk about the first super hero! Today’s comic is All-Star Superman written by Grant Morrison and pencils by Frank Quietly. If the cover looks a little different it’s because it was a promotional giveaway at Books-A-Million prior to the release of Man of Steel.

The issue opens with space trip to the sun where scientist are attempting to map out the sun when one of the scientist turns into a human bomb. The human bomb is being controlled by Lex Luther who has recently been released from prison to help the government. Superman does what he always does and comes up to save the day by ¬†forcing the bomb out of the ship and away from the sun. Doing so puts him in a very dangerous place with to much solar radiation. The radiation has given him new powers and more strength but it is slowly killing him. This appears to have been Luther’s plan all the time because he allows the police to take him into custody. While back on earth Clark knowing his death is near reveals to Lois on the last page that he is Superman.

It is cool seeing Morrison work on such a historic character such a Superman after all his years on Batman. If there is one thing that Morrison enjoy’s doing is killing characters we saw that as recent as the death of Damon Wayne as Robin. I enjoy this issue because it shows that even Superman has limits. I always liked Lex as a character and the fact that he has pulled a fast one on Superman is great.

The art in this book is awesome Quietly’s pencils are awesome. His Lex Luthor is different then they way others have handled him and I like that. His Superman is amazing with the coloring assistance from Jamie Grant. Even though it’s digital it has a feel of water color on some pages that I really dig.

Not being the biggest DC fan it’s always nice to take a break from the norm to read a modern tale of a classic character like Superman.

I hope your enjoying these daily comic blogs and hope you continue to come back through out the month.

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