September 12th, 2014

Random Comics Day 12 Unit 5 Issue 3

I figured since we talked about 9/11 yesterday we should discuss something good that came out of it. Today’s heroes was inspired by the after math of that terrible day. The book I will be discussing¬†is Unit 5 issue 3 by Skip Winter with art by Will Robson. It is another independent comic that are friends to the Fanboysinc network. I first heard of Unit 5 when they made a guest appearance on I Sell Comics podcast. I continued to hear about this book so I checked out issue 1 digitally and was hooked. When it come time for issue 3 to come out I won a contest on FBI before I joined the network and got a free signed copy. What is cool about my copy is not only is it signed by Winter and Robson but also signed by Comichead and the IncCast gang. Unit 5 started out as a promo comic for Scion but has grew to much more. It is based on a team of 5 heroes who was either involved with or was impacted by the results of 9/11. They are every day people who together with the help of technology do extraordinary things.

In Issue 3 we follow the character of Ollie who is attending the Action Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, which is something like the X-Games. While at the games she runs into a shady character by the name of Lola who is a member of the negative 5. While investigating Lola they find out they are purchasing an ingredient for a strength enhancer. Ollie then begins to chance down Lola which ends out bad and Ollie is kidnapped. This forces the rest of the Unit 5 team to come to Rio to rescue her. The team has to break into a factory hoping to find Ollie but runs into the scientist who is making the enhancer. Lola then shows up and attacks the gang giving the Negative 5 enough time to get away but not with out making a major mistake of dropping the secret ingredient.

I really enjoyed the action in this story it’s fast paced but still tells the story. Winter’s story telling abilities have grown more and more each issue and so has the art skills from Robson. I’m normally not a big fan of all ages books but this one is different. While it is all ages it has an edge to it that anyone can read. You can still see traces of the Scion sponsorship that helped created this book. Each member of the team has a Scion that is fit to each characters personality which is awesome. They also use technology to their advantage as they have no powers they have special shoes which keep them grounded which come in handy this issue. Another cool thing about this comic is the cameo appearances of Comichead from the SIT network, DW, Nub and Tao from Fanboysinc.

While this is the final issue of the original story line Unit 5 will be back with new issues at this year’s New York Comic Con. While Winter will continue writing the book he will be joined by a new artist by the name of Joe Martino. They have joined with Martino’s comic company Red Anvil to produce the book. The reboot will have a more updated edgy feel to it that will be for an old audience. While it will still be kid friend it will be aimed more to adult market. To help promote the comic they have joined up with Comichead from Kevin Smith’s SIT network to make a digital short with everyone’s favorite character Drift.

If you are going to New York Comic Con make sure you stop by and say hi to the guys from Unit 5 and pick up the first issue of the awesome reboot!

Here is a teaser for the digital short:

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