August 20th, 2015

New This Week In Comics 8/17-8/23

After a long lay off new this week in comics is back! While we where gone a lot has happened in the world of comics from the newest episode of Batman to Secret Wars. Though those are some of the serious things in comics this week we are going to tap into our romantic side. This week we will be featuring comics two comics from Marvel and one from Archie Comics. No use wasting any more time lets dive into the four color pages!

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #4
Written by Dan Slott Art by Adam Kubert
Renew Your Vows could be one of Slott’s best work in a really long time. This story has a mixed feeling of 80s and 90s Spider-Man which I love. In this issue Mary Jane and Annie May Parker have been taken in by SHIELD and Peter has been captured by Regent! It’s a great coming to power issue for Annie as she gets to use her powers freely for the first time. The mother-daughter relationship in this series has been great. MJ plays the over protective mother wanting to protect Annie from using her powers in such a dangerous world. All while Annie wants to use her power because she feels she has the responsibility to follow her fathers footsteps. I have been down on Dan Slott in the past but this story is one of my favorite he has done since the beginning of the Superior Era. If you are a fan of the web-head I suggest you run to your local shop and pick up Renew Your Vows!

 Archie #2
Written by Mark Waid Art by Fiona Staples
One of the easiest comic characters to make fun of in the past was Archie. I know I was guilty of making a few jokes as I’m sure you where as well. Thanks to the updated story telling of Mark Waid and the amazing art style of Fiona Staples that has changed. While the Riverdale Gang is still a bunch of high school kids something is different about this series. In this issue we are reminded how clumsy and some time ditzy Archie can be. While he tries to do the responsible thing like get a job things always go bad for the guy. We also meet the new girl in town thats right you guessed it Veronica! While the stories are still split up into short little chapters similar to the classic Archie Digest you find in the check out lane something is different. The new updated Riverdale universe is something I recommend for all comic readers young and old. We can all related to the high school drama that goes on in this book. I have a new appreciation for Archie and the Riverdale gang thanks to this new series can’t wait to see what’s next!

Secret Wars Secret Love # 1
Written by Michel Fiffe, Felipe Smith, Jermy Whitley, Marguerite Bennett & Katie Cook  Art by Fiffe, Smith, Gurihiru, Kris Anka & Cook
This book is a throw back to the classic romance comics of our parents childhood. This book features romantic tales of Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Ms. Marvel, The Heroes for Hire, Squirrel Girl and many more! There was two stories that really stood out to me. One featuring Ghost Rider and Ms. Marvel that features their crushes. The two heroes work together to save the day while their crushes hope and pray they don’t hook up. As a big Kamala Khan fan it was really fun story for me. The second story that stood out was one where Squirrel Girl wins a date with Thor. While it was extremely short I got a really good laugh out of each panel. I will admit while this was a fun book I’m glad it’s a one shot because not sure I could read this type of story monthly. That being said if you want a little break from the excitement of Battleworld pick up this book.

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