September 13th, 2015

New This Week In Comics 7/7-7/13

Well we are a little late with our new this week post but better late than never. This week we are going to focus on the ladies of comics. This year has been an amazing year for female leads in comics. From the independent level all the way up to the major publisher females have began to get the respect they deserve on the comic shelves. This week is no exception! We will be taking a look at three different leading ladies all from different walks of life. We are already late so let’s stop wasting time!

Ms Marvel #18
Written by G. Willow Wilson Art by Adrian Alphona
As you guys know from my past reviews but I love Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel! We are reaching the end of her first comic run as we are in the middle of her “Last Days” story which ties into Secret Wars. In this issue Kamala is joined by her mentor Captain Marvel AKA Carol Danvers! The two of them search for Kamala’s brother who has been kidnapped by a rouge inhuman who wants to put him through the Terrigen Mist. All of this is happening while the world is about to crash into another world. This is a very heart felt issue between a brother and sister relationship. The little sister always thinks her brother doesn’t care but in the end defends her. There is also an amazing cliff hanger family plot line that you don’t want to miss out on! If that’s not enough the passing of the torch from Carol to Kamala is worth the price of admission alone on this book! There is only one issue left in this series before the all-new all-different reboot but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be reading this series. If it in trade, flopping or digital just read this book!

Harley Quinn Road Trip Special #1
Written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti Art by Bret Blevins
I will admit I’m normally the first to dismiss Harley Quinn as a serious character. Two characters I normally dislike but are growing to accept are Harley and Deadpool. Part of the reason for disliking the characters in the past are their crazy fan bases. I know I shouldn’t let the effect my judgement on a character but let’s be honest it does. With that being said I really enjoy reading the Specials in this series. The first Harley Quinn special I read was earlier this year with the Valentines Day special and when Road Trip hit the shelves I knew I had to try it. The one shots by Amanda Conner are really funny and enjoyable. In this issue Harley, Poison Ivy and Catwoman are on a road trip to pick up her uncles ashes. While on this journey you get a roller coaster of emotions from the girls. They visit Vegas, the Grand Canyon and many more historical stops along the way. During the read I got laughs and even had to fight off some tears when Harley finally says good by to her favorite uncle. If your like me and often look down on Harley Quinn I suggest you pick up this amazing Road Trip Special!

Quake #1
Written by Matthew Rosenberg and Patrick Kindlon Art by Daniel Warren Johnson
If you are a fan of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or just the team in general then this is the month for you. Marvel has been celebrating 50 years of this amazing team with weekly solo one shots. This week we take a look at Quake AKA Daisy Johnson AKA Skye. (That was a lot of AKA’s) In this issue Quake is ask to join the Avengers on a mission but she isn’t sure why. Captain America made the call but not all the Avengers want her on the team especially not Tony Stark. It’s a fun look into the Avengers from the eyes of a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and more important an Inhuman as Quake has to make an important choice in this book. I have really enjoyed the weekly One Shots starting with Mockingbird last week and this week Quake. If your a fan of the show like myself then you should be reading these one shots and celebrating the women of S.H.I.E.L.D. Next week’s One Shot will feature none other then Agent Carter!

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