July 2nd, 2015

New This Week In Comics 6/28-7/4

The Fourth of July is almost upon us which mean some extra time to read comics! There was a lot of amazing comics from all the companies but I was able to narrow it down to four comics to discuss. This week’s comics come to us from Marvel, Image and Dynamite and covers everything from babies to the comics code. No more time to waste lets dive into the comics stack before the fireworks go off!

The Terror of Punks: The Horror Comic (Punks CBLDF Special)
Written by Joshua Fialkov Art by Kody Chamberlain
Punks has always been a book to break all the rules and make you laugh. They have done it once again in this special comic for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF). The goal of this issue was to break every rule set forth by the comics code authority of 1959. The comics code was set in place to censor and ban comics that they didn’t see fit for children to read. This issue shows how ridiculous the rules were. Fialkov and Chamberlain use their signature characters and art style to break every rule in a way that would make you laugh. The guys fight for the side of free speech in comics and by doing so donate 20% of all sells to the CBLDF. While being extremely funny and out there will educate you on how comics where censored for many years. I recommend everyone to pick up a copy of this book. Even if Punks isn’t your style of comic at least it will help the CBLDF raise money to defend comics!

Giant-Size Little Marvel A vs X #2
Written and drawn by Skottie Young
Skottie Young’s art style for his Little Marvel line has blew up over the years. Fans love collecting the variant covers and now a comic about the gang. This book pits the Avengers up against the X-Men in the cutest ways. In this issue the teams start their day playing dodge ball until recess is over and they meet a set of twins. This causes an all out play ground war Marvel style! Each issue of this series has made me laugh til I almost cried. Young’s jokes between characters such as Spider-Man and Daredevil are worth the $4 alone! This series is something you can share with your entire family and I recommend you do that. If you are looking for a relaxing break during Secret Wars this is the stop for you!

A-Force #2
Written by Marguerite Bennett and G. Willow Wilson Art by Jorge Molina
A-Force has quickly become everyone’s favorite team book. In this issue the team lead by She-Hulk is dealing with mystery portals popping up causing chaos to Aracadia. We also begin to learn more about the new mystery character that shows up at the end of issue one. I really am enjoying this series it gives you everything from Sharknado to Sentinels to test this team of women. Jorge Molina’s art in this book is so beautiful and I enjoy the way he brings emotions to a character who doesn’t speak. The writing team is really putting these characters to the test throwing one obstacle after another and does it so perfect. If you are a fan of the Avengers books or strong female characters I recommend A-Force. It is another book you can and should share with your family.

Will Eisner’s The Spirit #1
Written by Matt Wagner Art by Dan Schkade
There is one name in comics that everyone knows and that is Will Eisner! He created so many amazing characters but his most famous is The Spirit. Dynamite comics and Matt Wagner have created this new series to celebrate 75 years of the character. This book takes place two years after the death of The Spirit a masked vigilante who teamed up with Commissioner Dolan to fight crime. This book follows two private detectives who once worked hand in hand with the Spirit to fight crime. But since his disappearance have become low rent broke detectives who decide they want to live up to what the spirit once was. Wanger does and amazing job bringing such an iconic character back to life for a modern day audience. The art by Dan Schkade is awesome and the cover by Eisner award winner Eric Powell is worth you money alone. If you are looking for a new series that has classic roots this is it!

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