June 18th, 2015

New This Week in Comics 6/15-6/21

Summer is in full swing and so are all the huge summer comic events. With so many choices it was tough to decide what to cover this week. Once I dove into my comics it become clear what three books to cover. This week’s books include a reprint of a historical comic, one of our favorite female heroes and team that you know who to call! So lets splash right into the four color page reviews.

Martin Luther King And The Montgomery Story
Written by Alfred Hassler and Benton Resnik Produced by Fellowship of Reconciliation
In 1957 a group of civil rights activist created this amazing comic to share the story of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. It was such an influential piece of literature that Top Shelf decided to reprint it to go along with their new graphic novel March. This book shares the message of peace and non-violence using the words of Dr. King and the events of the Boycott he helped lead. It reminds you that violence is not answer no matter what the situation. It is an amazing read that gives you a flash back to the civil rights movement and the life of Dr. King. If you are a history buff or want to learn more about MLK or the civil rights movement this award winning comic is for you! Also all Top Shelf will be donating all the print sales to Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Ms. Marvel #16
Written by G. Willow Wilson Art by Adrian Alphona
ms marvel
We are finally entering the Last Days of the Marvel Universe with Ms. Marvel herself! This book takes place prior to Secret Wars issue #1 when the final two universe begin to collide. The books opens with Kamala discussing her love problems with the local hot dog stand guy when all shit hits the fan. She goes in the Manhattan to see a giant earth about to smash into them. If dealing with this terrible event isn’t enough her brother has been kidnapped! This issue is the beginning of a true test for Kamala Khan and will test her strengths as a hero. Being someone who has been reading Ms. Marvel from day one I am really excited to see how this last day story line goes Ms. Marvel. This issue action packed issue really hits all the emotional beats you could ever want in this series. Kamala is juggling her family and being Ms. Marvel which has been a balancing act since issue 1. The final page of this comic will make any Ms. Marvel fan jump for joy. G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphone continues to amazing with their amazing work. If you haven’t been reading this book all I can say is do it now before time runs out!

Ghostbusters Get Real #1
Written by Erik Burnham Art by Dan Schoening
When it comes to famous movies or pop culture references none are more famous then The Ghostbusters. The team of Peter, Ray Winston and Egon are back for this four issue mini series Ghostbusters Get Real from IDW. This is an extremely unique story as the Ghostbusters met up with themselves from another dimension! New York City is full of ghost and the two teams will have to work together to save it. Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening do a great job introducing new characters into this 30 year franchise. ¬†What’s so great about this mini series is it is friendly to new readers and old a like. While it does reference once to an earlier mini series it’s not enough to confuse a new reader. If you are a fan of the franchise or just want a new comic to add to your pull list I suggest this extremely fun Ghostbusters story!

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