April 9th, 2015

New This Week in Comics (4/6-4/11)

With so many comics in the pull this week it was a tough choice of what would be featured. Then I decided I have never done a full indie comics week so here it is! Each of these comics couldn’t be more different one from revolutionary time, another in cyber space and the final in modern day Kansas. I can’t wait to discuss these books so lets get to it!

The New Zodiax #2
Story and Art by Joe St. Pierre
new zodiax
Looking for a fun book about a teenage hacker taking on a huge corporation? Then this is the book for you! New Zodiax follows the life of teenage hacker Benjamin F, aka The Liberaider who is working to take down the evil Dinosaur Corporation. In this issue the Liberaider finds himself in a tough situation where is body is one place but his soul is in cyber space and he must unite them. We are also introduced to a new character in the back up called the Lion. The Lion is a character based on Egyptian mythology with deep roots. Two issues in and I am really enjoying this book. You may know Joe St. Pierre from his work on Spider-Man, Venom or any of this many projects for Valiant.   This time he has full control of his creator owned indie book and he is killing it. I am loving the writing and art for the Liberaider character. It’s a true story of the little man fighting back against big business and big government. I can’t wait to see the future tie in’s with the real world and one of the podcast on our network! Can’t wait to see how each new Zodiac character plays in to the end game of this series. It’s such a fun book that I can’t recommend more.

Savior #1
Written by Todd McFarlane and Brian Holguin Art by Clayton Crain
If you would have told me a year ago I would read a comic written by Todd McFarlane and enjoy it I would have called you nuts! In the past I have been more a fan of his art then his writing skills. Though with the help of Brian Holguin they have put out an amazing book called Savior. The book follows a reporter by the name of Jill Bennington who is visiting her home town when all of a sudden a plane falls out of the sky and a certain Samaritan comes to the rescue. I don’t want to say more about the story because if I can’t do it justice. I love the strong female role that Jill provides to the book teaching young people to question everything and on the flip side the mystery of the Samaritan is amazing. The art chores on this book go to Clayton Crain who to be honest I wasn’t familiar with. His use of television style boxes and realistic art through use of painting is fantastic. With is art style and the writing chores I can’t recommend this book more. Now if your wondering the title has a religious feel what else does this book have well it does take place in Damascus, Kansas so if that doesn’t tell you it’s a new take on the Good Samaritan I don’t know what will. If you are looking for a new title to add to your pile I recommend this book from Image Comics.

Rebels #1
Written by Brian Wood Art by Andrea Mutti

This could have one of the most talked about books since the solicitations dropped for it earlier this year. Rebels follows a young solider by the name of Seth Abbot who learns to fight the Red Coats at a young age and continues fighting them through out the war. Seth is a quiet character who uses his words wisely to protect and fight for what he believes in. With this just being the first of six issues Brian Wood does an excellent job setting up the characters for us to follow. He also gives us something to look forward with the conclusion of the book. At first I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy a book about a historical event but boy was I wrong. I was hooked from page one with Seth is introduced leading a group of his fathers peers up until the final page. Andrea Mutti does an excellent job on this book and the colors from Jordie Bellaire really make it pop. The use of color is my favorite part of this book especially in the battle scene at the court house. If your a history buff or just a fan of war stories this is a comic for you.rebels

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