March 19th, 2015

New This Week In Comics 3/16- 3/21

This could be the most diverse week of comics to ever been reviewed on RSRG Entertainment! We’ll be discussing a book from Image Comics, Marvel Comics, Boom Comics and Titans Comics. We don’t have time to waste so lets get to this week’s comics!

Silk #2
Written by Robbie Thompson Art by Stacey Lee
silk 2
I picked Silk #2 as the suggestion of the week because of how awesome the first issue was last month. Thompson has done an amazing job setting up the back ground of this new character. Even though she was in several issues of Amazing Spider-Man we still don’t know much about her. Thanks to her solo book know we do! Cindy Moon is pulling one of Peter Parker’s tricks of using her adventures as Silk to pay the bills at her news job. She is also hunting down her family and even running into things she left behind when she was locked up. This issue has a lot going on from fighting a Hydra crazed robot to digging into her families past. Lee does an excellent job with the art keeping the events in the book moving at a smooth pace. The use of color by Iam Herring is awesome as well when using different color pallets for flash backs. If you haven’t jumped on board with Silk then I suggest you head to your local comic shop and find the first two books in this series!

Outcast #7
Written by Robert Kirkman Art by Paul Azaceta
Wow is all I can say about this series from the creator of the Walking Dead. This is the first issue since the trade paperback hiatus earlier this winter and man was it great. I will admit I was late to hop onto the Outcast train I picked up the trade in February. I let is sit on the shelf for a few weeks but when I finally read it I was hooked! This book picks up right where issue 6 left off with the pastor being attacked. He is now questioning if any of his work for the Lord ever worked and looks to Kyle to find an answer. Kyle also goes back to visit Joshua the boy he helped in issue 1 to see if he truly helped the boy. I don’t want to say more because I don’t want to spoil this book. Kirkman is doing an excellent job on this book and while I’m not reading the Walking Dead I won’t be missing an issue of Outcast from here on out.

Peanuts #26
Written by Jason Cooper Art by Vicki Scott
If you listen the to podcast you already know my love for Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang. I just recently found out that Boom Studios puts out a comic starring by favorite bald headed boy. This is the second issue I have read and I have to say they truly pay homage to Charles Schulz in each issue. Issue 26 brings use a main story about Charlie Brown setting up Permanent Patty with Pig, Sally falling in love, Snoopy feeling he is 10th class and Charlie Brown’s trouble with kites. If you are a fan of the Peanuts then you need to be picking up this book especially since each issue has at least one story from Schulz.

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #6
Written by Robbie Morrison Art by Brian Williamson
I’m not normally into comics that are based on a television show but I make an exception for Doctor Who. Titan Comics do a great job bringing the Doctor to the four color pages. In this issue Kate Stewart and UNIT activated a machine that was created by Paul Foster that is a reality gate which is a bridge to different dimensions. ┬áIt has set lose something that is taking over people and controlling them. Morrison has done an excellent job writing comics that feel like an episode of the show. If you are a Whovian then you need to be reading the large selection of Doctor Who comics that Titan puts out.

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