April 17th, 2014

Marble City Comicon Fun For All

Comic conventions are always a great place to meet your childhood heroes from the pop culture world, Marble City Comicon is no exception.

This past Saturday (April 12th) I packed up the Honda and headed to Knoxville, Tn for the inaugural convention. I have been to a couple cons in the past each having their own unique feel this convention is no exception. This show was very personal. I walk into the convention center and greeted with the smiling faces of the show runners. Shannon and his team did an amazing job helping guest and informing them of things that was going on. It was a great feel to actually get the chance to speak with the promoters and chat about geek stuff.

For a first year convention they had a pretty exciting guest list including comic book legend George Perez! Once I found out of this con I was excited to get my geek on but once I learned that Perez was on the guest list I was a little kid. He was the nicest guy I have ever meet at a convention taking time to chat with and get personalized attention to ever guest who stopped by. Other guest on the list included RJ Haddy from the SYFY hit Face Off it was fun seeing his interaction with fans talking about the show and his craft in general.

While it’s always exciting to talk to the big name artist but my favorite part of any convention is artist alley. I love strolling up and down the alley looking at up and coming artist and guys doing the indie thing. While I was extremely excited to meet Perez (as you can see in the picture) its tough to spend unlimited time discussed their craft. In artist alley you get the pleasure of getting to know these artist and how they broke into art. One artist I really enjoyed meeting was Chris Hamer who does all his art under his URBNPOP banner. Hamer was an extremely cool dude who has an awesome unique style of art. Got to a pleasure of speaking with him for the podcast which will be out soon. Even after the podcast we chatted about everything from comic books to baseball. If you guys know me I can talk for days on both subjects so I was in nirvana. Having the pleasure of adding some his art to my collection is an honor.

Another reason this convention will always be special to me is it was my first event as legit press. I have covered conventions and walked to the flood doing interviews as a fan in the past but this time was different. I will never forget the hospitality that the Marble City guys showed toward me while at the con and I am really excited for next year. I believe this convention will grow more and more each year. I plan to return to this awesome event for years to come.

Photos from the event:

Chris Hamer URBNPOP

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