September 6th, 2013

JARVIS drops Tuesday

After seeing all the Marvel movies I know everyone wanted there own JARVIS well you can now have him in your pocket 24/7. The great people over at Marvel have developed an app for IOS devices that will allow you to have JARVIS with you at all times.

Coming out Tuesday, Sept. 10th the JARVIS app will be available in the apple store and it will be able to link up to your Iron Man 3 Blu-ray which hits stores Sept. 24th. The app will allow you to have a two screen experience where you can browse through all 42 of Tony Stark’s Iron Man armors as well as have your own personal JARVIS. The app also allows you to see exclusive content only to app users.

Your asking well what can my personal JARVIS do? Well I’m glad you ask! With the JARVIS app you will be able to receive messages from the man himself, download ringtones and even post on Facebook. The app also allows you to check your local time and weather and you can also have JARVIS wake you up for work with it’s built in alarm clock.The JARVIS app does a little bit of everything that all Marvel fans want.

The coolest part of the JARVIS app is the ability to connect it with your Blu-ray player and it will allow you to use JARVIS as the remote control or even just say what you want the app to do and it will do it.

Siri get out of the way because JARVIS is here to stay!

Images of the app:

j1 j2 j3 j4

Source: Marvel


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