June 29th, 2015

Indie Comic of the Week: Ufology #3

Ufology #3

Written by James Tynion IV & Noah J. Yuenkel.  Art by Matthew Fox & Adam Metcalfe.

#HotTakes:  Ufology is a good little paranormal, or as the book says “extranormal” read involving alien life forms and their dealings with small town Americana.  In this book you see the main two characters living out their lives after their recent encounter in a previous issue and the effect that the incident had on them.  I’ve liked this book a lot from the beginning and the art is great to go along with the solid story.

Ufology CoverFull Review:  This might be a bit of a shorter review and/or a more vague review.  I have been reviewing mostly first issues and I can be a little bit more free in giving some spoilers about the first part of the book.  In this case it is a third issue and too many spoilers from this book could completely spoil the prior two so bare with me here.  If you weren’t already reading this book I will just assume it is because you forgot to pick it up and not because you willfully ignored its existence.  James Tynion IV (co-writer on Batman Eternal and the absolutely amazing the Woods) is a hell of a story teller and probably the best writer pumping things out on Boom! Studios with this book and the Woods.  To top that off the art in this series really appeals to me, I could call it great but isn’t art subjective?  I think it is great though and I really like the cool tone of the colors.

In a previous issue the main characters of the book, Becky (a snarky teenager with a Sheriff for a father, literally) and Finch (an enchanted younger boy with a paranormal radio host for a father, again, literally), have an encounter with an extranormal creature that in turn marks Becky.  In this issue she wakes up in the hospital with a bandage on her head where she was marked which later begins to glow, which convinces her to go with Finch to gather more information about the flashing lights that have been appearing in their town.  Top off that with the fact that this issue incorporates a car crash and a decapitation that isn’t the result of the car crash.

The thing about this book that sold me from the beginning was the fact that it was a comic about alien encounters that seemed more grounded on Earth and not up in space.  This has held true and really has a bit of an X-files type feel about it with the Sheriff picking up an unbeknownst to him alien body which disappears out of the morgue and back into the wild.  I’ve also seen in a review of the first issue that it was compared to Twin Peaks, I could see that from what little I’ve seen of the show, still haven’t made it past the first episode, really long!  The series is a solid read and you should go out and get the back issues on the first two and check out the third as well.  It is only a six issue series so you’re not going to break the bank reading it.

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