March 28th, 2016

Indie Comic of the Week: The Almighties #0

The Almighties #0

Written by Sam Johnson & Mike Gagnon

I have returned with the Indie Comic of the Week Month Year Whenever article, which is covering the Almighties #0 this time.  This book is a solid independent parodyish book which introduces the reader to the characters that make up the Almighties.  These superheroes are flawed (some seriously) and hilarious.  It’s a solid read for people who don’t get offended easily and have a good sense of humor.

almighties1Full Review:  The Almighties is a truly independent book, instead of my general independent (i.e. not DC/Marvel) reviews that I have done at one point or another.  The Almighties is a book which follows the formation of a group of super heroes, not unlike the Avengers (ok, actually a sort of bizzaro mirror of the Avengers, but on purpose), which are being put together as a new organization but with the same members of a previous group.

The book begins by introducing you to the character Maxi-Tron who is a super smart guy who builds a suit of armor (sound familiar?) and who comes up like any red-blooded American in the work force.  He starts off with a slightly more undercard group of heroes and then works his way up to the major leagues.  The big time group that he joins is actually the Almighties.  The main story of the book follows another member of the Almighties named Stefanos as he goes to meet with the man who wants to piece together a new super group from the Almighties after the group has seemingly fallen apart when they found out the man who put them together originally was a nazi (literally).  After this it follows through with an introduction to each of the characters in the group to give you a bit of a taste of how they became a superhero and a look into their personalities individually.

The book has a great sense of humor as you can easily pick up on some of the subtle and not so subtle hints toward the Avengers and the Marvel universe that are scattered throughout the book.  When Stefanos gets his first job from his new boss, you become privy to how exactly his old friend Agent Coleslaw got sort of killed and Stefanos is on a mission to help write the wrongs that happened to his friend.  The book has a fantastic ending and I can’t begin to express how much you need to read this for yourself in order to get the big payoff at the end.

Final Thoughts:  The Almighties #0 is a good and funny read.  If you’re a fan of the typical superhero genre or if you’er a fan of laughing you will enjoy this book.  The artists appear to vary based upon which person’s story is being told in the book and you’ll get a varied artistic presence throughout the book but the writing and sense of humor stays course throughout.

The Almighties #0 is Out Now and available at or on

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