May 31st, 2015

Indie Comic of the Week: Sons of the Devil #1

Sons of the Devil #1

Written by Brian Buccellato.  Art by Toni Infante.

#HotTakes:  Really cool book, seems to be about occult things so I am really a sucker for anything even remotely about that.  The art is good and the colors really remind me of Outcast (that could be the occult theme too making me think about that book).  Should be a really cool read for the rest of the series and I really really really hope that the people referenced in the title are not LITERALLY sons of the devil.

SOTDCoverFull Review:  I use two factors to determine whether I’m going to start reading a comic series.  The first and foremost is title and/or cover art style.  Honestly, if you put anything that sounds even remotely occultist in either of those, I’m in for at least one issue.  If the title or cover is ambiguous I’ll move on to see what the story is about.  So needless to say going into Sons of the Devil I had no clue what the story was going to be about because they sold me on the name alone.  I believe this was the first thing that I had read from Buccellato and I was pleasantly surprised that the story lived up to the name.

Sons of the Devil begins with a scene in the past that I hope is explained later on in the series because I was a little confused (except I caught that the baby in the scene had a blue eye and a red eye) but then quickly leads into a present day blue/red eye guy milling around with his dog in a neighborhood on his way to work.  He helps out a little kid and gets suspended from work for being late again, which seems like he has a pretty shitty boss.  From there you find out that he was an orphan and a private investigator that he once lived with is trying to help him find out who his parents were, turns out this maybe wasn’t the greatest idea that my man has ever had because the outcome isn’t great.

The only bad thing about reviewing this book is I can’t say much more than what I just said about it without giving away a ton of the story so I am going to focus on some other parts for the rest of the review.  It would appear that there is some sort of cult in the book and it involves people who have one red eye and one blue eye.  I would assume that they aren’t literally the sons of the devil because that would be a little TOO obvious I would think.  Either way I am interested in seeing where this story goes.

The artwork is really cool in the book and reminds me a lot of Outcast as far as the color schemes go.  I like the scratchy art style that is really noticeable on the cover of the book but also permeates itself throughout the rest as well.  Impressively artistic book especially since I believe that Infante is running double duty on the art and coloring.

All in all the book is a really cool read, really leaves a lot to the imagination (by that I mean it leaves a lot to be found out in later books) so you don’t get really any answers about anything in this book.  Flip side to that is that is good writing because that means you’re at least going to spend another three dollars to find out what the next part of the story is.  Could be intriguing, I will certainly continue picking this one up.

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