January 19th, 2015

Indie Comic of the Week: Roche Limit #4

Roche Limit #4 

Written by Michael Moreci Art by Vic Malhotra

Roche Limit is about a mining outpost in space next to what some people think is a black hole but probably isn’t.  Alex and Sonya are trying to find Sonya’s sister who hasn’t called home in awhile.  SPOILER: They do, but she seems to have a big hole in her personality, which leads them to this sketchy scientist who has been tossing women into the anomaly just to see what happens.  Also, Alex is a hell of a negotiator.STK658600

Review:  Roche Limit is an ongoing series from Image Comics which tells the story of space explorers from Earth who have found their way to a mining outpost known as Roche Limit on the outskirts of space.  Roche Limit is a haven for criminals and drug abusers and is positioned very close (too close for some) to a space anomaly that no one is quite sure the exact nature of.  The main story thus far has followed Alex, a local on Roche Limit who is highly sought after by the criminal underworld figure Moscow for his superb ability to manufacture the designer drug recall that is created using rare elements from Roche Limit itself, and Sonya, who is a police officer from Earth and has come to Roche Limit in search of her sister Bekkah that she lost contact with.

In issue number four; headway is made into the search for Bekkah when Alex receives a phone call from another crime boss named Warren who offers to trade Bekkah for Alex so that he can enslave him to produce his primo recall formula (think Breaking Bad but in space).  However, at the exchange Alex flips the tables and makes a hell of a negotiation by walking away not only with the sister but also with himself after he threatens to kill himself, and with him the recall formula.  If nothing else, he is a master tactician in the art of the business deal.  Only problem here is, they realize that something is a little off about her sister and when Warren mentions something about getting funded by a “weird cripple” the gears start turning in ole Alex’s head (this outpost isn’t too big, how many “weird cripples” could there be?).  This causes Sonya and Alex to go beating down the door of a scientist on Roche Limit and leads to some interesting discoveries about what the anomaly is doing to the citizens of Roche Limit and what it is doing to all the abducted women he has been tossing into it for the past three issues.

Final Thoughts:  Roche Limit has been a great read to this point.  The artwork is really nice with a lot of detail and the stylistic choice on the covers has really killed it as far as I am concerned.  Issue #4 gives some insight into what is happening with the anomaly and lets you know that there is more afoot than just the case of the missing sister.

Written by Micheal Gray

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