May 20th, 2015

Indie Comic of the Week: Oh, Killstrike #1

Oh, Killstrike #1

Written by Max Bemis.  Art by Logan Faerber and Juan Manuel Tumburus.

#HotTakes:  The book is even more than I thought it would be (which is quite a feat because I was already fairly high on it without even seeing it) and was a cool throwback type of book.  Killstrike is a vengeance seeking killing machine who comes to life from the pages of a 90’s comic book and enters our real world.  Writer Max Bemis sets up a good story where this 90’s comic book action character must co-exist with his new partner, a regular ass dude with a new baby and a pissed off wife.

Oh Killstrike CoverFull Review:  I have been extremely excited about this book since I heard of it coming out.  Admittedly, it had nothing to do with the premise of the book and I hadn’t even looked at it until recently.  The reason I was excited for the book was the writer and not because he is some hot shot comic book writer but because he is the singer of the band Say Anything.  The album “…Is A Real Boy” that they put out is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard and tells a hell of a story as a concept album.  This is the reason I was stoked about checking out this book and Boom! Studios has been putting out some great books lately.

The book was nothing like what I thought it would be when I went into it and that was a good thing.  It was billed as an homage to 90’s comics and I thought that it would be more of a throwback, not that it would literally be an homage to 90’s comics.  The main character of the book isn’t actually Killstrike, it is a jaded new father who is a perfect “hipster” character on a comic book collecting scale.  He no longer reads any books that aren’t indie homemade books unless they came out before the 60’s but he discovers that an old book called “Killstrike” that he believes he has a first printing of at his parents house is worth $100,000 because it is known as one of the worst books ever made.  He heads to his mom’s house and finds the book and upon opening it Killstrike actually emerges from the comic pages and comes to life.  Killstrike is a jacked up Rambo-esque killer who really really really wants to exact vengeance on his arch-villain.  Sadly, his villain doesn’t exist in the real world and he wants to exact vengeance on somebody else’s enemies but it is a little difficult to hunt down enemies in the real world.

The art is great in the book and really captures what the story feels like as it takes a new school style of artwork but incorporates the 90’s style jacked up hero into the world.  The storytelling was great which pleased me because I didn’t want to have to warrantlessly defend the book because I like the band that Max Bemis is in.  Good job on putting forth another excellent piece of work with that I can defend warranted against all attacks (that probably aren’t coming).  Boom! keeps up the good work with another solid release and I encourage everybody to check this book out, it is only a four issue run so if you have a large pull list like I do it isn’t going to set you back very much but it might be one you have to ask your local store to order in.  Again though, check out his band Say Anything as well.

Max Bemis

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