September 3rd, 2015

Indie Comic of the Week: Manifest Destiny #16

Manifest Destiny #16

Written by Chris Dingess, Art by Matthew Roberts & Owen Gieni

#HotTakes:  Manifest Destiny is a really dope series and this is just the newest issue which actually sends the main characters on a quest to kill something so a bunch of talking birds will cough up one of their friends that they want to eat.  Yeah, that sounds insane, the story is great though.

ManifestDestiny_16Full Review:  This is certainly the longest running series that I have reviewed a book from to this point on the site.  If you haven’t been reading Manifest Destiny then I assume you have been under a rock but a combination of my love for this series, my behindness (that’s a word now) on reading, and my lack of any fresh or new series this week has led us to this review.  For those of you that don’t know, Manifest Destiny is a series which follows Lewis & Clark on their historically renowned journey from the eastern coast of the United States to the western coast.  However, in this retelling of the story, there are a few more creepy monsters and non-human things to kill you than I remember reading in high school history class.  There are large arches that resemble the St. Louis arch that litter the landscape and seem to be a beacon for these other-worldly creatures that lurk in the uncharted land and plague those who live in the area and the crew of Lewis & Clark.  A side mission for the crew in this quest is to observe the wildlife and record these new and fantastic specimen.

Where issue #16 finds us, they have traveled a great distance and have previously apprehended a bird like creature which attacked one of the men and poisoned him.  They captured the creature in an effort to observe it and try to find a cure for the injury.  Turns out the cure is the animal’s piss.  This was determined after the animal told them, because it can fucking speak English.  However, this irony is not lost on the writers because the crew is also just as perplexed regarding this fact as I was.  With one of their men missing, they find out that the bird-person’s village has captured this man and they find them in this issue, basting him, like a turkey (more irony).  The hero’s do what any reasonable people would do and attempt to trade prisoners but the birdfolk want no part in that because they already sent off the bird-prisoner to be a sacrifice to this apex predator that requires a monthly sacrifice to stop harassing their village.

Luckily for the imprisoned bird and for the imprisoned French citizen they are able to work out a deal where all Lewis & Clark have to do in order to trade prisoner’s is kill this beast that they have to send sacrifices to, easy and totally not a problem at all right?  You’ll have to read to find out.

Manifest Destiny is one of the many great series that are published by Image through Skybound (you may have heard of it before).  I’m genuinely surprised this hasn’t been turned into a movie or a show yet even though it might be too grandiose for either medium.  If it has been optioned for either thing go fuck yourself and don’t try to correct me because I won’t have it.  I’ll probably just call you a liar.  You need to be reading this series if you haven’t been, it is a great take on the story and will leave you wanting more after every issue.

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