September 17th, 2015

A “Double Take” of the Living Dead

mapIt’s always tough to start a new comics company, but to start one based on zombies is even tougher! Turns out Bill Jemas former Marvel Comics publisher was up to the challenge. Bill Jemas and his creative team over at Double Take (T2) Comics made a big splash this week as they released 10 new comics.

The 10 comics take place in Evans County, Pa. If the name sounds familiar it should this is where George Romero’s classic “Night of the Living Dead” takes place. The series takes place in 10 different spots in Evans County uses several different types of characters some familiar faces and some new. They are billing this as “Ultimate Night of the Living Dead” (kinda the way Marvel rebooted in 2000).

If your wondering how this famous movie can be turned into a new hit? Well thanks to a mistake back in 1968 where someone forgot to trademark the title makes the movie public domain. While no one from the original film franchise is involved in the series you feel the fan presence.

For example Rise #1 follows Barbra and Johnny Blair as they take their annual trip to their father’s grave. This trip happens to occur during the start of what we know now as the zombie apocalypse. Another familiar face from the franchise is Ben the African-America gentlemen who outlives everyone in the film. He appears in the title Soul where he gets shot at the end of the flick. Turns out it was just a grazed bullet not a kill shot and he lives to tell another story.Slide02141

While the classic characters stand out in those books you have new characters as well such as the doctors of University Hospital in Medic. Another fun feature of all of these books is the presence of Lyndon B. Johnson and how the federal government gets involved.

The list of books in this really fun universe are: Rise, Soul, Slab, Z-Men, Home, Honor, Spring, Remote, Medic and Dedication.

All 10 titles are on shelves now for an affordable price of 2.50 a book or in Super fan pack for $20.

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